My students know I believe education is a forest fire – not a sparkplug. What I mean by that is true learning does not happen for an instant, born of nothing, but that it starts with a strong enough spark meeting combustible tinder, and can grow into something almost uncontrollable. For that reason, I have included links to the four main academic subjects with links for kids K-12 in the hopes that one of these sites might be a strong enough spark. Enjoy!


Math was always difficult for me, being a right-brained person. Every day I prayed for word problems because at least I felt like I stood a chance. So I took particular care with this part of the site because I wish the internet had been around when I was a kid to help me with this stuff. So here are some links that should at least get you started toward either surviving or thriving in math class.


Again, I'm right-brained, meaning that I have never really had an issue with creativity, but numbers and rote memorization always posed a problem. If these sites had existed back then, maybe I wouldn't have pulled out my hair quite as often. 

Language Arts

My saving grace. Were it not for LA and its counterparts (theatre, drama club, etc) I might have really disliked school. As a teacher, though, I have seen enough extremely bright students really struggle with it to know it can be difficult based on what you are naturally gifted at. To all those students, take a look at these sites, especially OWL.

Social Studies

Social Studies appealed to me a bit in school, mostly because of the stories that were told. I treated each story like fiction (which it sometimes was... I'm looking at you, first Thanksgiving) which helped a lot. What's amazing about Social Studies now is that there are these amazing digital archives.