So there are adults who think the only way you can spend time on the internet is when you are learning. Apparently they haven’t been to these sites! Fun and safe, you can’t go wrong with these.

  1. Woogi World – Here you can get your friends together online and play a bunch of games!
  2. Club MLB – What’s your favorite baseball team? Who’s your favorite player? Find out all about them on this site.
  3. Giggle Poetry – Who says poetry isn’t fun? These poems are hilarious!
  4. Sports Illustrated for Kids – Read all about your favorite sports in this kids edition of Sports Illustrated.
  5. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood – Who doesn’t love Mr. Rogers? Seriously, he just wants you to be his neighbor.
  6. Nick Jr. – Fun, fun, fun. Everything Nickelodeon is on TV.
  7. Crayola Games – The most colorful site on the Internet!
  8. Sesame Street Workshop – This site is not like the others. This site just isn’t the same.
  9. Swimming Games – Because floating around gets mighty boring after ten seconds… here are some games to play with your friends!

  11. Download-a-Dinosaur – Something you’ve always wanted to do… download your own dinosaur!
  12. Kid’s Planet – It’s a kid’s planet now! The grown-ups weren’t doing that great a job at taking care of it anyway.
  13. Disney Games – Tons of fun games and your favorite Disney channel characters are the stars!
  14. Color with Leo – Coloring pages, games, and your very own online art studio. Draw with a young Leonardo da Vinci!
  15. Get Ready to Read – Here are some great games that prove learning doesn’t have to be boring.
  16. Seussville – I love this website in a box. I love this website with a fox.
  17. NASA Kids Club – Watch Elmo get tickled pink at NASA, or go to infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear!
  18. The Scrub Club – Hey did you know the world is pretty gross? Go to this site and make it less gross.
  19. Ziggity Zoom – Online games, back to school crafts, and a summer fun guide make this site ziggity-awesome.
  20. Hyper Spider Typing – Learn how to type and save the spider at the same time.
  21. Lego Games – The only thing you can do that is more fun than being on this site is actually playing with legos.
  22. NFL Rush – Follow your favorite team as they try to win the Superbowl!
  23. – Play some great games and watch clips of your favorite cartoon network shows.
  24. Candystand Arcade – A whole bunch of games with a whole bunch of craziness going on.
  25. – Print your own coloring sheets, because you can never ever have enough.
  26. – Studying the ancient science fun… by having more fun!
  27. Kids Games – These are… well… games… for… well… kids. Enjoy!
  28. Online Comics – And not just any old online comics. These are the good ones! 
  29. Spunky Town – Play games with Davy Crockett, Richie Rich, and The Aqua League Girls!
  30. Goosebumps Games – These games are so fun it’s scary. Get it? Get it!?
  31. Curious George Games – This site is even fun for people who are not curious and are not named George.